On set, I was poisoned. Enoch Darko, a Ghanaian actor in Nollywood, discloses

A Ghanaian actor living in Nigeria named Enoch Darko has talked about how following his passion nearly cost him his life.
The Ghanaian actor, who is currently in Ghana on a media tour, has described how he was poisoned on the shoot. Enoch claimed that the incident took place when he was only getting started in the film business.

In a story by adomnews.com, Enoch described what transpired, claiming that an actor in a film they were filming temporarily suspended his role in order to seek greater pay. However, ignorant as he was, the actor subsequently took the same position for an even lesser fee.

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The event took place in Ghana, where the young actor was filming sequences for the “high school series,” the report adds. Enoch claimed he got sick on the set and had to be taken right home.


He recounted the incident and claimed that he was in excruciating pain and was unable to return to the set for the future shots. He stated that his guardian who had brought him to the hospital had corroborated his allegations, which is how he had confirmed how he knew it was a food poisoning episode.

Enoch Darko began his profession while he was young. He had a comedy appearance on TV3’s Talented Kidz program, which propelled him to fame on the reality program. But a few years later, he moved to Nigeria to investigate the Nollywood business.

The Ghanaian actor, who has worked with some of West Africa’s biggest stars, is quickly becoming more well-known in the Nigerian film business as a result of his efforts and roles.

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