“Papa Imade, na you” – Moment Davido gets caught by his fans in Amsterdam as he does the unthinkable [Video]

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is a Grammy-winning pop star who pulled up a stint to the jubilant cheers of his fans.

When they encountered superstar musician Davido in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, two Nigerian women who work at a fast-food restaurant were unable to contain their excitement.

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To avoid being recognized, he changed his appearance before going to the grocery store, but the ladies were still able to recognize his face.

One questioned whether it was really Davido, while the other asserted with certainty that it was the singer.

As soon as they were both certain it was Davido, she requested him to take off his sweatshirt and face cap, and as soon as he did, they both felt overpowered and gasped for air.

The two women immediately began to search for a phone to make a video and take selfies with OBO.


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