Power star, Michael Rainey Jr reveals American girls also ask for ‘urgent 2k’

Hollywood actor, Michael Rainey Jr has called out girls who beg men for money and do it with a sense of entitlement.

The actor popularly known as Tariq on TV series, Power, revealed how girls stylishly beg through memes and quoted posts on social media and still go about acting like they are not broke and dependent.

The movie star in a series of posts on his Instagram story also x-rayed how some ladies demand for ‘urgent 2k’ from an admirer and ridicule the man if he is not able to provide it for them.

”Y’all girls be on here lowkey begging through quotes & memes y’all think is funny. y’all not low.

Y’all be like ”how am i supposed to know you like me if you don’t cash app me 2k “

If u finna be late on the rent just say that,” Tariq wrote in a post.

Tariq shared a screenshot of a woman speaking about focusing on money not men, whereas her comment points to the fact that she wants to get money from men.

The lady’s chat reads; ”Nah the price just went up. We’re chasing a bag not ni***s so if he can’t provide what we’re looking for then he’s not within view. Respectfully.”

Reacting to the chat, Rainey wrote; ”Okay Chasing a bag not a ni*** But u chasing a bag coming from a n***a?”

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