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The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), the city of David Parish, has launched a dating app for all Christian singles.

This a dating platform where ‘Single Christians’ can meet, court, and hope it will lead to marriage.

RCCG launched this platform in the quest to enhance sustainable interaction and find life partners. Who would have ever thought or known that Christians would also have their dating app or website?

The name of the RCCG Dating site is connectnow.com.ng, an online platform designed for matured singles. It was created by the City of David Parish.

Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, who is the Pastor Pastor and also the Intercontinental Overseer, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has revealed that the platform will enable singles to interact and find their life partners.

“When a single lady or young man registers on the site, the information would still have to be processed before approval. Redeemers Connect is exclusively for Christian singles, widows, widowers, and unmarried seniors in the RCCG global family with serious intent to get married within a year or two upon enlisting as a member.

“Our ‘connect to court” matchmaking algorithm has been carefully designed to take your preferences into account. We encourage honest and genuine responses so that we can match your preferences in the most accurate manner,” he said.

Watch the video below as Pastor Idowu Iluyomade made the announcement to his church members about the dating site:

RCCG Dating Site Login / Signup

To log in to the RCCG Dating Site, you must visit https://connectnow.com.ng/. Where you will sign up. As of the time of this write up, the sign up feature has been disabled. The website would officially be opened in January, 2022.

“Registration for the next Connectnow session would begin in January 2022. Interested participants should pls send an email to [email protected]”, is the notice you will see on the homepage of the dating site.

RCCG Dating Site Name

The name of the RCCG dating site is ConnectNow. This is where Christians can meet fellow Christians who are single and connect with them. To see if the bond can lead to marriage.

RCCG Dating Site App

App for the RCCG Dating Site is not yet available. With how important apps are in our current world for the sake of quick accessibility and simplicity, RCCG should consider making an app in future for both Android and iPhone.

RCCG Dating Site Disclaimer notice

If you visit the Connect Now website, you will see a Disclaimer notice that reads:

Connectnow is a Christian singles platform where men and women meet to prepare for courtship and marriage.

This web site, its content (including any information provided by registrants) and activities of Connectnow is for the purpose of connecting for courtship and marriage only and is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for any due diligence/background checks to be conducted by the registrants prior to connecting.

Every registrant must conduct his or her own independent background check before connecting with another registrant on this platform.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish makes no representations or warranties and expressly disclaims any and all liability concerning any damages sustained by any registrant as a result of connecting with anyone on this platform.

Leke Adeboye opposes dating app launched by RCCG

Son of the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Leke Adeboye is not happy about the dating site created by the church.

According to him, the old way of using prayer and the direction of the holy spirit to find a spouse is the best way approved by the Bible.

“Seeds connecting with seeds. We don’t need a dating app! We old fashion. We use prayer and holy spirit to find each other”, he wrote.

Social Media reactions to RCCG Dating Site

Social media users have reacted to the launching of the dating website. Of course, their reactions are mixed. Some have commended the church saying the world is changing so it is good they are also adapting to this change.

Whereas, others are also saying a dating site is against the principles of the Word of God.

Someone pointed out that RCCG could have created an employment opportunity instead of a dating website:

Some social media users have also started branding the website as a ‘Christian Hookup site‘.

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This is all for now, we shall keep updating the website as we get more details!

Femi Aderibigbe supports RCCG

Femi Aderibigbe has said that what RCCG did is good. Below is what he wrote on Facebook:

There’s nothing wrong with RCCG launching a dating site really. Christians will date regardless, it only allows people who have similar interests and passions to locate one another. It also helps members find soul mates within the same ecosystem. It’s not everything we must criticize.

He added:

I commend the General Overseer and pastors for the wisdom and courage to embrace the digital era.A leader must listen to the next generation or his vision will die with his own generation.

RCCG Dating Site FAQs

Does RCCG have a dating site?

Yes RCCG has dating sites. In fact they have two dating sites. One is called RedeemersConnect.org which was launched in 2019 to enable eligible Christians across the RCCG global community to connect in a safe and secured manner with the intent to seek a suitable life partner. This is very popular for their churches across Europe. More so, this year 2021, the RCCG has launched another dating website in Nigeria called connectnow.com.ng for matured Christians seeking to find a life partner.

What is the name of RCCG dating site?

The name of the RCCG dating site is connectnow.com.ng—this is for Christians in Lagos. RCCG has another dating site for their members in Europe which is called RedeemersConnect.org.

What is the of RCCG dating site link?

The name of the RCCG dating site link in Nigeria is called ConnectNow.com.ng. Their Europe branch dating site is called RedeemersConnect.org. The Redeemed dating site link is purely meant for Christian Ready for Marriage. Please Endeavour to study any RCCG Dating Site link you find on the internet to avoid falling victims to fraud

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