‘She Didn’t Wash Her Undies for 3 Days’ – Nkechi Blessing’s Ex Reveals

Popular nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing and Opeyemi Falegan who were known to have tied the knot way back in the year 2020 only to break up in this present year 2022 is on the news again.


This time around the controversy is coming from the Nollywood actress ex- husband in the person of Opeyemi Falegan has now come out to spew the beans as regards to yet another reason on why he broke up with the actress.

Taking to the social media platform Instagram, the popular businessman noted that part of the reason he broke up with the actress was because of her hygiene.

In his post via his handle, he noted “I apologised to her because I just want bygone to be bygone. Not because I want her back. Are you serious? Do you know
why I left? I left for a different reason. Personal hygiene,” he noted.

“You have to tell a woman to change her pants in three days. You have to tell a woman to brush her teeth in the morning.
After the whole thing, everywhere is messed up. You want me to manage that? No, I wouldn’t.”

“So if my online in-laws una dey vex, make una go marry am. And you think I should just manage it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and that’s the fact. And if the online in-laws are saying you guys are perfect together, go marry am, una go understand.” He captioned

This disclosure was made known by the businessman barely 48 hours after he tendered an apology to his Ex wife where he noted.

“To my ex, Nkechi, don’t be angry. Let me tell you now, don’t be angry. I know how it feels having a guy you show to the world, saying ‘You are the love of my life, ‘my husband’, and all of a sudden the guy messed up. If I can kneel down now, I will but still, I say you should not be angry,” he had earlier noted.

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