Single mother who hawked to train herself in school graduates with first class


A woman has served as a perfect epitome of how determination, hard work and dedication can make one achieve their dreams.

The single mother hawked to send sponsor her education and now she has graduated with a first class.

Her story was shared by humanitarian Adom Ara Kwa, who revealed how the lady hawked snacks and while taking care of her kid and going to school.

The post reads partly: ”Her story is what I would title “From bofrot seller to a 1st class graduate”. In fact, none of us knew Priscilla in person but when we heard the story of the determined single mother who hawked “bofrot” to see herself through school for 4 years, we were intrigued and decided to give her a little surprise on her graduation day.

We see your determined and persevering spirit as something that’s worthy of emulation and we once again say a very big congratulations to you, Priscilla. Keep soaring higher and we wish you well in all your future endeavours




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