Single Mum who Hawked Snacks on Streets to Finance Her Education Graduates from University with First-Class


  • Priscilla Akwagu is a single mother who has graduated with a first-class degree from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) in Ghana
  • The determined woman sold buffloaf to finance her education while combining her studies with her small business
  • Despite the rounds of difficulties, she persevered and finally completed the four-year programme with impressive honours

Priscilla Akwagu, a determined single mother, has persevered despite the mountain of financial constraints during her studies at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

She sold buffloaf, commonly known as ‘bofrot’, to finance her education. Priscilla had to combine her work with her studies while singlehandedly undertaking her responsibilities as a mother.

Undaunted by the cycles of difficulties, she braved the odds and finally graduated with a first-class degree from UEW in the Central Region of Ghana.

Celebrating Priscilla

Recounting her story on Facebook, Adom Ara Kwa shared that she and like-minded colleagues touched by Priscilla’s achievement decided to surprise her on her graduation day.

”Today, we had the chance to put a smile on the face of a superwoman who defied the odds to graduate with first-class honours from the University of Education.

”With the help of my sisters Rita Effi Darko, Perpetual Lomokie Akwada, and brother Suleman Manful Dadzie, we presented our small token of love to Priscilla Akwagu for striving to achieve such a feat despite all the obstacles that came her way. Her story is what I would title “From bofrot seller to a first class graduate,” she said.

Intrigued by Priscilla’s story

According to Adom, none of them knew Priscilla in person but when they heard the story of the determined single mother, they were intrigued and decided to surprise her.

”We see your determined and persevering spirit as something worthy of emulation … Priscilla, keep soaring higher and we wish you well in all your future endeavours,” she added.

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