“Still want to come?” – Canada-based man subtly warns Nigerians about cold as he shows what happened to hot coffee he left in his car

A Nigerian man residing Canada has used a personal experience to question Nigerians about their quest to relocate to the country.

The gentleman with Twitter username @ugleeoak revealed what became of a cup of hot coffee he left in his car.

According to him, he left the coffee in his car overnight and it turned to iced coffee due to the cold weather in Canada.

Sharing a photo, @ugleeoak tweeted; “I left coffee in my car last night…. Still want to come to Canada.”

See his post below:

Read some comments below..

@ngo.zee wrote; People in Canada always find every means possible to discourage us from coming … we go still come!!!

@stubbornhustler01 wrote; We dey come! Make all of us ice together

@kuntaakinte_ wrote; Yes I still want to come, you that is there and refuse to come back, do you have two heads?

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