That is Why his Children are Successful, he Have Done Good in the Past- Opebe Recount Oga Bello’s Kindness


Veteran actor Yomi King popularly known as Opebe has recounted how Adebayo Salami helped and feed a lot of actors’ backs in the days without complaining, no matter how many comes to him.

In recent interviews with Nigbati TV, Opebe said he and Baba Suwe used to trek to Oga Bello’s house to beg for money when going for rehearsal.

As Interpreted By Us, he said:

In the olden days, there is love in this job, I remembered when we had nothing and we wanted to go for rehearsal, we will go to Oga Bello’s house to beg for money.

We will trek to Ebutte Metta, I, and Baba Suwe, when we get to Bello’s house different actors will be there to seek help.

He will give out money of the money he makes from the movie you didn’t even partake, even if you didn’t ask, he already knows what you want.

When it comes to feeding, the moment they finish cooking one meal they start cooking another one.

Femi Adebayo’s mother really tried for us actors then, she’s the one that use to do all the cooking and she never complain.

Definitely, their children will be successful because they have done something good in the past.

So if anybody develops a hatred for his children, he’s surely doing it himself.

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