Trader returns customer’s wallet with money intact 3 months after it got lost


A market trader has been celebrated online for showing that honesty can prevail in the face of temptation.

She returned a wallet to a customer three months after it got lost and the money inside was still intact.

The story was shared by a Facebook user identified as Awodiye Funke who revealed that the owner of the wallet is known as Mama Funke.

A trader she had bought something from in the market asked her if she ever misplaced anything some time ago.

When Mama Funke replied ‘yes’, the trader said she thinks she has a wallet that is hers. The businesswoman added that she would have returned it but there was no contact in the wallet to reach her with.

The post was shared alongside a photo of the Naira notes and other valuables in the wallet.

Awodiye wrote; ”3 months ago Mama Funke lost her wallet containing cash and other valuables. Today, a woman she purchased some items from asked her did you misplace your wallet? Yes she replied but it’s been while. I think I have it. No contact number I would have returned it she said.

The woman didn’t touch anything in the wallet. The notes had gathered dust and fungi.

I can hear someone saying she returned it because the money is not much. No, it is not about the money but the attitude. There are still honest people in our country.”


Author: KennyMedia

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