Tragedy Strike as a Pastor and His Mentally Derailed Child Allegedly Killed A Minor and Hid Her Body in a Cooler in Ado Ekiti

As seen on a Popular Instagram Blog, the Little girl was declared missing by the parent who happens to live in the same Neigbourhood with the Pastor and His family.

Missing girl found D**d
This little girl was declared missing yesterday evening at adehun, ado ekiti. She was found d**d this morning st*bb*d multiple times by a neighbor and kept inside a cooler.

The said house where she was found belongs to a pastor at bolorunduro street, adehun area. The pastor said his wife was not around so the policemen couldn’t search the house. People need to be vigilant and careful with their kids cos this December is scary. The house is being burnt down as we type.

According to an Eye Witness, the said act was carried out by a Redeem pastor in Ekiti.

The murd**er is a m**tal derailed lady
Her father is a pastor … he was the one that help in br€aking the joint of the little girl that was murd€red and he helped in putting her in a rice sack and her body was kept in a cooler since 9am yesterday, the Eyewitness Narrates. End time is here, Be vigilant and Prayerful.

See the Picture of the Girl Body Below


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