We spend over N120k to feed them every week


A woman who gave birth to quadruplets has spoken on the challenges of feeding all of them regularly.

Jenny Marr said her husband, Chris fainted when he was told they were expecting multiple kids.

The 36-year-old mother from the US said she spends $300 (N123,543) a week on food after giving birth to the surprise quadruplets. She also changes diapers at least 24 times a day.

According to Jenny, her husband got the shock of his life and fainted when he was told they would have multiple kids as they initially thought she was carrying one child.

She said that the sonographer initially told them they were expecting triplets. They then sought a specialist’s opinion who informed them that they would be having quadruplets.

Jenny also said the arrival of the quadruplets, Harrison, Hardy, Henry and Hudson, transformed their lives.

“Life has completely changed now that we suddenly have four babies to look after,” she said.


Author: KennyMedia

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