What an Honor! An Oyinbo lady beams as her African mother-in-law shows her how to support a baby in a video.

An enthusiastic Oyinbo woman who is married to a Kenyan guy released a video of the first time she carried her infant on her back. In the viral video, the dancer was shown learning how to use a wrapper in their culture from her African mother-in-law.

The Oyinbo woman claimed that although she had begged her husband to tutor her, he had declined, saying that someone special would do it instead.

A white woman has expressed her happiness after successfully back-carrying her child while using a wrapper. The dancer simply known as Martina posted a video of her African mother-in-law making her go through the local practice of carrying a baby on one’s back on her verified TikTok account.

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Martina enjoyed the activity. She was beaming when the older woman used a crimson wrapping to tie the child to her back.

Martina, who is married to a Kenyan, is currently a resident of that nation. The white woman claimed that she asked her husband to put her through but that he refused. He allegedly promised to have a specific person instruct her.

“My mother-in-law taught me how to hold the baby the African way,” the caption on the video reads. She handled herself with ease. I requested my husband to educate me, but he insisted that someone exceptional would. “What an honor to learn the knowledge of the culture from the sourcĕ.



How lucky am I 🥰🙏🏽

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Social media reactions;

Kijana Bosire said:

What you’ve been missing…be close to her there is more…” lol said: “Tileh’s mom is a whole vibe tbh. “She makes me so happy effortlessly.”

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amosmutegi925 said:

Still by gestures it shows you are not trusting that baby carrier….we were carried by ropes and never fell African mums no joke.”

wcandy said:

I personally love the way you all relate with each other from both sides of the families..much love.”

favourmicheal2333 said:

“Nigerians do this differently the baby falls asleep within a short period lovely.”

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