When a man refused to pay for food while his girlfriend invited 18 girls to a restaurant, it was captured on camera

A man’s hilarious refusal to pay for his girlfriend‘s friends’ meal at a restaurant was captured on camera. The girl came with 18 other women, but the man reportedly took her out for a special surprise on her birthday. As they fought in the popular video, trouble began after they had all finished eating and the man refused to pay for everyone.

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After declining to cover the cost of her friends’ meals at the restaurant, a man left his girlfriend out in the elements. His girl’s birthday was that day, and He supposedly took her out for a nice birthday treat, but the girl evidently came with 18 of her pals.
I’m not covering everyone’s costs

Evidently, the man waited to speak until they had done eating, as seen in a popular TikTok video.
Then he objected to paying. He insisted on not paying for the meal that the 18 women consumed, which sparked a heated confrontation with his wife. But his girlfriend suggested that since it was her birthday, he should pay for everyone’s meals since it was only fair. However, despite the video receiving millions of views on TikTok, some have claimed that it is a skit.

Watch the video below:


WHO WAS IN THE WRONG HIM OR HER 😂#viccgotti (IMA BE MESSY AND TAGG EM @neshasnotebook @A.B. Da Barber

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Social media users react The video was later shared on Twitter by @kevinsamuelstv and it generated heated reactions.

See some of the reactions below:

@LordEmee1 said:

“But if you love her; you gotta pay.”


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@dextheflexgod commented:

“5-6 friends I’ll pay even though i don’t have to. But 18 people? I’m not paying.”

@MiquelaL said:

“Not a broke man. A financially wise man. Very different.” David reacted: “Why is he still there? I would of left instantaneously!”

@tetrola_elliott commened:

“I would’ve went home, she can figure it out on her home.”

@Ty said:

“Yeah I would have left to probably went back in there and made her pay for her food to.”

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