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RCCG Church Dating Site, The benefits of joining the Redeemers connect (City Of David Dating Site).

Redeemers Connect is a Christian oriented Dating site Created November 2021 by City Of David Parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Since the announcement of the new platform for redeemers, there have been a slew of comments, both negative and positive.

If I may say so, Pastor Iluyomade is a man of integrity for coming up with such a concept, offering a meaningful existence to people who have lost interest in relationships.

There was a combined conversation with numerous church ministers prior to the establishment of the site, and after clearer conclusions, they eventually came to a point of bringing the idea to reality, and Redeemersconnect.org was ultimately placed in place.

Facts About Redeemed Dating Site (Redeemersconnect.org) You Should Know.

Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, the head minister of “City Of David,” the branch that developed the redeemer’s dating site, further states that the site is primarily for church members, implying that it is a free spamming site, as opposed to the random dating sites we encounter.

Every registered member’s information is stored or kept in a secure location, and he further clarified that no information would be leaked. This alone gives everyone in the church the confidence to register.

Redeemersconnect.org was founded not for the aim of encouraging sin, but to provide a meaningful life to singles, widows, widowers, and persons searching for a life mate. To benefit from this, you must be a church member. Please You can read the Other things to know here  and the Terms and Condition  for Joining Here


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