Why do 90 percent of married men have girlfriends?

A Nigerian woman has taken to microblogging social networking service, Twitter to pose a question many people want an answer to.

The Twitter user simply known as Ayomide stated that 90 percent of married men have girlfriends also known as side chics.

Even though the statistics has no verifiable source, she went further to ask why this is so.

Ayomide tweeted; ”90% of married men have girlfriends. Why?”

See her post:

Netizens shared their thoughts on in reaction to her question.

@CelestineKizzy said; Because 90% of girls prefer to date married men ..

@SammieYong; Where did you get this statistics from or are u speaking from experience?

@Elen_Precious; Because some girls feel save with married men more than the single ones most married men pay the bills more then the so called single ones..

@baeyanka; One women is never enough

@PrinceThiago6; Invariably, 90% of young girls have sugar daddies. Why?

@THEOCRUZ; It’s because monogamy is not in-built in human nature. It’s what men must actively strive to attain/maintain. And many men fail.

@incredible_mua; And about 80 to 90% of married women have affairs and even get pregnant outside.. Why?

@habbiegal; One asked me out yesterday and I told him I was married and bros wasn’t moved, he said I might have a vacuum I wants to fill that my husband can not help me with. I was shocked.

@moganajoe; Nobody wey get big generator for house wey no get small ‘I pass my neighbor’ to support the big one. Excessive use of big gen could lead to breakdown.

@saheedbabt; Thank God u said 90%,because not all married men have girlfriend

@WhoKidd45; Because some cases the wife or husband stops putting forth the effort or they weren’t on the same page in the first place.

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