Why I begged God to t@ke my life — Singer Adekunle Gold

35-year-old Nigerian singer and songwriter, Adekunle Gold, has disclosed why he begged God to t@ke his life when he was 20.

The father-of-one in a letter to his fans, on Friday, July 15, said, “I was born with sickle cell disease. It was life and de@th, it was physical, mental, financial, you identify it and I went through it all. It was tough, painful and fr#strating. Adekunle Gold lived with a sickness no one around him understood, I lived with restrictions all my childhood.

The nights have been painful and lonely, nights that no one may want to help me get through. It was simply me, God and my mind. The pains and shivers have been unbearable. They usually got here in the night, when my household had no capacity to transport me to a hospital. We truely couldn’t have the funds for the steady clinic payments so I had no desire however to undergo the pain.

Living with sickle cell is a way from residing a regular life. One of the most severe cr#sis I had was at the age of 20, I be remebered laying on my bed in the center of the night time asking for an cease to it all. I begged God to t@ke my life away because I couldn’t understand what I did to deserve the pain my physique and thought was once under.

As typical with sickle cr#sis after some days, the ache subsided and God requested me; “That cease you begged me for, do you still prefer it?” Of course I stated no and that’s when the entirety modified for me. That’s when I realised that I had been given another chance to live my goals and to show those that m@cked me that sickle cell anemia was by no means going to end me, that it was by no means going to hold me back from my dreams and aspirations.

My physique caves in once in a while, some signs come back however what this disease has taught me is resilience. Sickle cell anemia gave me hope, made me tough, gave me the self-discipline I wished to be who I am today, built my character. I suggest I went via a total 5 weeks of back to back performances and didn’t fall sick.”

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