Why I will never bring any Nigerian girl to America


Nigerian singer and rapper, Speed Darlington has revealed that he would never relocate a Nigerian girl to to America on the basis of relationship or marriage.

Taking to his Instagram page, the social media sensation explained that it will be foolhardy for him to do that considering how she can easily get her green card if he so much as raises his voice at her or threatens her with immigration.

According to Speed Darlington, men who bring their women overseas are stupid and dumb for doing that because the best thing to do is to leave her in Nigeria while sending upkeep money and paying occasional visits.

He wrote; ”Always catching flights; hey Naija girls do you know that if I bring you to USA as my wife and somehow cheat on you, beat on you raise my voice on you or threaten you with immigration you can actually get your own green card by telling on me.

Me who helped you escape hell? Now tell me why would I bring my woman to America knowing these options available to her?

Some guys are so stupid and dumb; you keep her back home ship things to her, go see her, have people watch her without her knowing that way your value forever is Maintain; she always see you as big shot, the moment you bring her she’s equal now.”


Author: KennyMedia

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