Why side boyfriends discourage their girl from leaving her main boyfriend

A Nigerian man has revealed why some men who are aware that they are the side boyfriends often tell the girls they are cheating with, not to break up with the main boyfriend.

The young man stated that whenever a girl is having issues with her boyfriend, and she is considering leaving him for the second option, the side man often encourages her to stay with him, saying; You guys can work it out.

According to the tweep known as Ajibola Grey, the side men do this so that he would not have to take up the full responsibility of catering for her emotionally, physically and financially.

He tweeted; ”Side ni**as go dey discourage babe say make she no break up with her boyfriend.

Talmbout “you guys can still work it out”

Werey no wan buy market”

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Author: KennyMedia

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