Why Squid Game might be connected to Nigeria


A Canadian show host and podcaster, Carlos Juico has said that there’s a theory which suggests that the Korean smash hit series, Squid Game is connected to Nigeria.

Speaking during Jumpers Jump Podcast with co-host, Gavin Ruta, he said he received a DM from someone who revealed to him that there are symbols from Squid Game which are also present in Nigeria.

According to Carlos, the fact that the shape symbols (square, circle and triangle) which was predominantly seen in the series, is also on the Naira notes is one coincidence that should not be overlooked.

The show host also pointed out that the players in the game wore green jumpsuits, which is very similar to the green uniforms worn by prisoners in some Correctional facilities across Nigeria.

Photo from Lamboginny’s music concert for prisoners in 2017

Explaining further, he said that the series might have been subtly trying to expose the societal imbalance between the rich and poor in Nigeria.

Watch the video HERE


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