Young lady claims her dad mistakenly credited her with N10m for Christmas (Video)


A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how her father gave her N10 million for Christmas.

According to her, she had approached her dad after he returned from the Bahamas and said that she has Christmas list of everything she wants.

Her dad then offered to give her N1million, but she complained that it was not enough, gifts. She said that he described her as an ungrateful but she insisted that she wasn’t, saying that all her friends were getting car gifts.

The lady then stormed off to her room only to receive a credit alert of N10m, which she then used to go out and buy everything she wanted.

She claimed that she spent it all in hours, and returned home, where her dad then told her that he made a mistake, but she then revealed that all the money is gone.

He berated her for being extravagant and irresponsible and said that he would no longer give her any more money for the rest of the year.

Watch her speak HERE


Author: KennyMedia

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