Your babe will stop respecting you once you stop giving her money

A Nigerian man has suggested that relationships built on financial pampering would not last long once the money stops flowing.

The man identified as @wizebaba on Twitter, stated that a man will lose his woman’s respect the moment he decides to or is unable to continue giving her money.

He tweeted; ”Once you stop giving your babe money, she will stop respecting you.”

His assertion evoked reactions from netizens who shared stories in relation to the subject matter.

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Read some comments below..

@Dope_Kylee wrote; I don’t think so, not all women are like that.. Good relationship are not built on money, except u guys are deceiving una self

@Max_steel2313; Told her to go get a job that I’m tired sorting her upkeep. She replied saying, why would she get a job when none can afford her. Gave her two options, get a job or I leave. She said I leave, happy me left. Now I’m saving more & getting the only thing she got to give outside.

@bricklayerson09; The money is use for building the relationship na, she spent the money in buying the building materials. So when the money stop coming the relationship project will pause. Modern relationship is not built on love, it’s built on ur funding power

@onyiforlife; What do you expect when you built your relationship based on money? Na wetin you want na you get… Simple.

@SurestGod; Love is the most pronounce word in the dictionary and it’s the most abused word ever. Love alone is not enough not at all. Love doesn’t keep a relationship Respect. Faithfulness. Loyalty. Care and understanding really matas a lots. So without stuffs like this, na wahala be that

@WOnyemelukwe; Then I go give am the number of the big boys make she go bam bam with them…no stress

@Poet_Amazon; Because you bought the respect in the first place, you didn’t earn it.

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